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Why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up?

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What ho!

Well, predominantly.

Any posts that are especially real life-y are Friends Locked (hah probably wrongly-wielded capitalisation.. yes I wield my majuscules) but mostly my stuff is unlocked.  Generally because I forget to lock and can't be bothered to set any sort of proper rules about that.

So if you would like to be my friend and read all my journal, write a comment here, via message or just wherever you found me then I'll add you back and we can have the most glorious of times in the world of friendship!

My profile has most of my info on but if you have any questions, be sure to ask 'em here!
Have fun now you crazy kids!

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(Deleted comment)


I mean..


I'm safe and sound and sexy in my high-neck sweater
Ohhhhh yeah.

QUIT LIVIN' IN THE PAST, CRANE!! UR LIVING IN THE PAST!!!! that 'm' hair style can't save u now!

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Shocked and BEWILDERED by these things you say!
I was told the 'M' would never go out of style
Ergo will equally save me in all possible situations
Up to and including straitjacket escape!!


i think ur going to have to use ur sexy sexiness to get out of tight spots from now on crane, or maybe help people get in to tight spots!! hahaha- 'butt sex humour'! (do u remember my and emma 'something something humour' jokes?)

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Aww your insecurity is enchanting like Chelsea's speech impediment
Of course I remembah, fool!
And yeah I dug the humour of the butt sex

But damn it the 'M' was PART OF my sexy sexiness!
I'm like Samson or something
I say "something" because I'm not a big Bible reader what with the mass weaponised hallucinogen-based killings I keep getting into

DON'T LAFF AT MEEEEEEHHHH!! *strangles u a la eddie*

cool, just thought i'd makes sure! lol 'dug'

oh dr crane, u do seem like pretentious person who would reference stories like that but not actually believe in them!

do u take them with bruce wayne in all the hip clubs? lol jk i've seen u, i know u don't go clubbing

oblig batman gif
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thanks for the add! i saw your aiden post :'(

So tragic :'(

But in the mourning has born a no doubt will-be wonderful friendship in the process?
(pretend that sentence made perfect sense.. or at least a little)

Going to miss him so much D':


seriouslyyyyyy so depressing. we need more candids of aiden now, i cannot take the withdrawals (and it's only been a day, so pathetic!)

painfully missing them :'(

I can't stand paparazzi though so I'd rather he just did a few interviews then came back with a brillsiant album in a few months :'D
He said he writes his own stuff too - yay!
And he should move in with Matt when The X Factor's over
It just has to happen


LOL YES cannot wait for the inevitable moving in together, obviously.

i really do hope he has an album out soon, for now i'll just replay his performances.

i feel like such a creep because i live in the US (the only reason i started watching x factor was because i was on holiday in england and coincidentally the first audition i saw was aiden's) so i'm like constantly trying to find interviews and stuff since the x factor site is pretty useless for anyone out of the uk :/

HAHAH OK you have gone up even more in my estimations!
But aw, I feel bad you can't watch :(
I already wished all the interviews were on YouTube - the ITV website is really annoying :/

Yeah, I keep listening to all the old performances - his voice is so lovely :')
They'll have to tide us through
It would be so amazing if Aiden created a YouTube channel and posted songs on there etc.
That would be AMAZING
I almost wish Matt would leave now too so they could move in together and have their own show :')


It would be amazing.

hahahah it's so hard to find anyone to talk to about the show, or my ridiculous love for some of the contestants so i just spam my tumblr lol. but yeah, totally dedicated bb, i was crushed when i found out aiden was voted off, especially because i can like never watch a full episode. just performances on youtube and some extra stuff on youtube.com/aidenarmy but stillllllll it's not the same :[

if he got a youtube page that would make my life, we should ~encourage him to

this morning i did do some googling and found his interview on daybreak and the other morning show (lol sorry i don't remember the names!)

Yeah my mum taped This Morning so I watched that - where he said he wrote songs XD - I didn't see Daybreak though - I'll go find that!

YES!! I wish we could contact him
He definitely needs encouragement!
There should be a postal address somewhere

And yeah - hardly any of my friends online watch it >.>
The X Factor is brilliant
So long as Simon stays in line and Louis isn't too ridiculous (though he was actually RIGHT this week and got more crap for it than he does when he actually IS wrong! SO ANNOYING!!)

aw he looked miserable on daybreak, it killed me.

seriously i mean i guess twitter would work but there needs to be another way!

i loved the show until this bullshit happened like, what the hell, really?! simon is dead to me right now, completely.

I know this is random, but I know a few quality people on LJ that I really love, and I stumbled across your journal. I forget how even(!), but you seem friendly and I feel like we could get along well. : )

Though I don't update too often..., I do like popping up on LJ and commenting from time to time... My name's Kate and I'm from Eastern US. I'm a student and have a huge love for all my nerdy shows and music/people obsessions! Ours seem to match up in more ways than I can compare, but I will say that some of my favorite things of all time are Merlin/Doctor Who/Nicole Kidman/David Bowie.

So if you're adding at all, I'd love to be friends!

Wow, this is so lovely! I hardly come on LJ at all these days sadly but would love to get back into the habit!
Are you still on Tumblr? I saw a link on your profile but looks like you've changed or deleted maybe?

But yes, hello! Let's be friends, though I can't promise I'll be on here much! (I do want to try though!)

I love Merlin/Doctor Who/Nicole Kidman/David Bowie! Though the first two I know WAY TOO MUCH about and the latter two I really want to be more of an expert on as I adore those people! So maybe you can help me out on those!

When I saw your username in my inbox I got really excited that someone called 'girlonfire' was writing to me because I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games, but I see you joined LJ in 2003 so I suppose it isn't a reference! Do you like The Hunger Games? It's fine if not, it just feels like a coincidence because I hardly ever go on my e-mail anymore and I only did just now by chance as I was looking up reference pictures for a Hunger Games tattoo I'm determined to get!

But anyway, yes, although I'm THG-obsessed it's fine if you aren't! I hope we can talk etc. somehow!
It's 5am so I'm too tired to read any of your journal entries now but from this and your profile I'm excited to get to know you! :)

Aww, I am on tumblr! I rarely update that as much anymore (it's pretty much just images because I'm an art major and it's for my aesthetic-loving purposes, but still), my name is une-bombe on it now. I haven't updated my LJ profile in... forever. I changed my name from aviate on a whim, then wanted to change it back, and someone claimed 'aviate' all in about 20 minutes, yet never used it. : ( Hmmph. If that's not an indicator of my Tumblr passion gone sour, I'm not sure what is!

I'd still love to 'try' to be LJ friends, if that's ok. ; ) I pop around a bunch of places online it would seem!

Haha, I think I might be the opposite when it comes to loves. Merlin and DW are things that I am veryyy into, but rarely gush about them!! David Bowie and Nicole Kidman are both people that I admittedly know waayyy too much about. I did a speech on David Bowie last semester (lol), and Nicole Kidman is just too fun as an actress for me not to follow her career since 2001. My other thing, you'll find, is Kylie Minogue. I'm slightly embarrassed about this cheesy-love, but I also started following her way too long ago (about 1999) than to give it up now. ; ) You'll find I'm very passionate about things and love others who are passionate about their things too! <3

Lol I'm sooo glad you like my username! Actually, I did have this name before the Hunger Games..., sadly. Because I really love THG and my nickname was always 'Kat' on LJ. I picked it because of Edie Sedgwick--Andy Warhol (artist from my hometown)'s muse. Her life fascinated me and so I chose the LJ name over a book about her deemed 'girl on fire' ... And then I read THG and rejustified the love for that name!

Actually, it's about 5am here now so I know EXACTLY how you feel! Lol. I've been hoping to establish LJ entries, but it's just not happening tonight... : )

Glad to meet you, and hope you got some rest!!

Ooh your Tumblr is pretty! Sucks about the name! I wanted 'cordeliaistheone' (not pompous at all) for LJ but it was too many letters. Not the same as your problem but usernames can be tricky!

My mum LOVES Kylie and I had loads of her songs on my iPod and used to listen a lot (I love pop/cheesy songs - she has some of the best!), but I don't have them on my laptop so haven't listened in ages! I need to fix that! I love her songs so much! And she seems lovely in person and I can see why people idolise her! She's so adorable! - and my sister and I were kind of obsessed with her sister Dannii when she was on X-Factor so I fully support your love and welcome any talk of Kylie!

HAHA thats so funny! DW and Merlin are so gush-able (if that's not a gross way of saying it?!) though! I heard a thing on the radio about Bowie the other day and he sounded so lovely and modest, saying it wasn't to do with him, but he was grateful that he opened up more people to explore different characters in themselves (the clip was from his Ziggy Stardust days I think?), and I thought that was a really great thing to say. I've always loved him and have listened to his music - only the hits really but I've always meant to look more into what he's about etc. He seems so interesting and inspiring.
And Nicole Kidman seems lovely to me. I haven't seen nearly enough of her films but in real life she has the same personality type as me (INFJ) and I love her interviews/quotes from her and can relate a lot to what she says - plus she's beautiful and so so talented! I NEED to see The Hours! I watched Pleasantville a few months ago and someone said her character in The Hours is similar to the wife in that. So I'm really interested!


I'm glad you love THG haha! I'm evangelical about it and feel like everyone should be as obsessed as me haha - it's just one of those things I read and it discussed so many things I'm passionate about and all the characters are so interesting and say so much... it's so perfect to me!

Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol! Some more people I've always been interested in but not got around to really looking into!

I'm excited to talk to you more and read some of your posts! Hope you can educate me/get me inspired by all the things you're interested in!

I've got an early start tomorrow so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight! Hope you do too! Good night! x

You're really sweet and interesting! I can definitely get into the habit of checking up on your life and postings, wherever they end up. ; ) I love your tumblr too, btw. So many things I love in it! Also, what's the meaning behind your LJ name? So it's not 'Cordeliaistheone', which is rather enticing, if I do say myself! Haha

Yay! Someone who actually understands my love for Kylie! I only wish my mother loved Kylie. But mine doesn't know much more than her name and that she's responsible for resurrecting the Locomotion in the 80s (lol, typical American!). She (Kylie) really is such a sweet person, and soo down to earth for being such a big celebrity. She sent something to me, and sent an email to my boyfriend about me. Who does that for a fan!? I didn't do anything for it! Sorry, I could blabber on forever about her or anything awesome for that matter. I also think Dannii is lovely (so it seems your family all have awesome taste!), but I thought it was just because I was bias toward her sister since I was tweener lol. Being in America, it's impossible to see a lot of her X-factor stuff. : /

LOL, gush-able is so not gross! Or maybe I just get it? Haha. And your mentioning what David Bowie said is actually amazingly accurate about his personality, I think. I always intend to post things about him, but haven't actually gotten around to it. My favorite song by him, though, actually has a huge analogy around it, and is one of the main reasons I've followed him so closely.

So it's decided... Maybe I was drawn to your journal because we are the same personality type?! INFJ, not kidding you, is what I was when I did it for a psychology course semi-recently! I love all of that personality-type stuff and knowing yourself--so yeah! And that is DEFINITELY why I love Nicole! She's so shy and introspective yet she'll max out a conversation about the purpose of anything. Haha. Meanwhile, yes, she is gorgeous... ugh. <3 The Hours is really great, but so depressing!! I loved Pleasantville(!) but I never really made that connection... Now I want to see it again to exercise that thought. ; )

I'm actually really glad to find someone who's crazy about THG! Out of my offline friends, I really am the only one who really likes it. My friend read the books and just didn't really show much interest. I completely don't understand how anyone couldn't! I not only appreciate the characters, but I think the context and the topics. Sometimes I feel like America's headed in that very direction of the Capitol and the districts, where it is about mind games, authority, and putting on a front for the media (like the government is aiming to be able to view all emails/texts/phone calls 'legally' asap?!! Ugh).

Wow, see, this could take all night! I'm also known for projecting comment monsters onto awesome journals every once in a while, and then I usually apologize. : / lol

It's really late/early again. And I need to be awake in a few hours, but I just had to spam your journal once more...

: ) I look forward to talking to you more too! <3

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