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Okay. So.

Bit awkward.

I started this post on Wanted Wednesday before my last post but as I said I wanted to do an update first rather than straight into this since I've been feeling rather good and Wanted to let you know!

But then I ended up going to sleep, sleeping most of yesterday too.. and now it's 11:50pm but when I actually get round to posting I'm guessing it'll no longer be "ThursJay" since it takes me about 10 minutes to proof read let alone post.. but shh. Jay is my boy and let's just pretend it hasn't taken me 2 days to post this.

It's Wanted Wednesday every Jay in my eyes.



I've been meaning to do a post on The Wanted for a rather long time and they were just (when I started this post they were just) on The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 so I feel inspired to do a massive appreciation spam of love.

Firstly I'd better introduce you if you aren't familiar with them already.

This is them.

Left to right: Jay McGuinness, Nathan Sykes, Max George, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran

They are an adorable boy band of 5 who were put together in 2009 and uhrmm.. Wikipedia has more info if you're into that since I'm not the greatest of explainers. They're basically just typical immature ridiculous hilarious boys but I love it. They make my soul happy.

I really recommend watching their videos on YouTube which are just wonderful. They post most "Wanted Wednesday"s and (the wonder woman manager who put them together and looks after them) Jayne Collins films most of the videos.

All right that isn't the flateringest photo. Jane is beautiful. Quite the MILF as the boys say:

Two of those who proffer her reasoning to assume the identity "M" for both Mum and Manager unite delightfully here:

(That sentence has such bad flow but please respect my tiredness)

Looking at Jay there and that tender countenance of endearment (Jay's, not sweet childe Max's, though I can see why you'd make that mistake - nice spot there, Jayne! - and bad sentencing there, Cords..), I feel now is a reasonable if not perfect time to cut in with the fact that-
Well I've already said he is "my boy" but.. let me tell you the tale of my insta-love.

When I first saw All Time Low I could see his soul and Andrew Garfield's were very in-keeping which is a nice thing for me since that is just the genre of soul I dig like a.. digger of souls.

Well-explained there.

Basically his gangly limbs and general facial/bodily similarity to both Andrew Garfield and just any human who would take my fancy caused me to pay even fuller attention to the screen before me.

Look at them all though. Having a great time.






How could anyone resist?

gifs from here I should definitely add!
UNTRUE, Ms. Beccaraptor. Very untrue.
What made me fall in love with them was their hilarious ridiculous dancing and slo mo and... ridiculousness. So much ridiculousness. The fact they're clearly not over-choreographed posers and have genuinely good and interesting voices.. I was sold immediately.

Gold Forever for Comic Relief was when I actually started watching interviews and videos with them and got fully obsessed as my suspicions of them all being perfect humans were proved utterly correct. And then some.

As I said, they have "Wanted Wednesday" videos on YouTube and from looking up their Gold Forever video after their performance on Red Nose Day, I started watching other videos on their channel.

I have no idea what's going on with the new layout though (it's been weird on lots of channels and I think it's to do with YouTube generally changing the site) but it's all out of order and some videos aren't showing up so I dearly hope it's sorted out soon and they aren't deleted!

But ne'er fear! Luckily I favourited some of their videos in the past so here are some of those for you to enjoy.

I mean, you can just go watch some videos at random now on their channel but you can't currently go from the beginning and watch all of them as I did.
I'm clearly a very normal and acceptable kind of person. It's a great thing to do.

Anyway, here are some videos in no particular order! Hope you like!

Number one:

Puns o'clock!

Exhibits a pretty large part of why I love them so much; their tragic but A+ sense of humour.

"You look a bit orange!" *Tom laughs for everyone to make up for the non-response*

Video numero dos:

The Impressions Show With Max George, Presented by Nathan Sykes:


Tour Bus Exploration and Comic Relief Hijinks:

When they find out they've got the Comic Relief single. So adorable. Facts.

Siva's Lesson in Modelling:

Disneyland Paris!

Profesh video for OK Magazine

The Making of Heart Vacancy

Time Warp!

Trying to out-creep-face each other:

Do Something Funny For Money!

Floppy Fish and Look-Alikes and Dancing



Max adorably talking about his dream house:

EFF WHY EYE: Max's engaged to Michelle Keegan and they are absolutely adorable together.
Needed to bold that. Too adorable to be.. un..bolded.
Look at them.

Genuinely sorry for the creeper photos as I despise paparazzi and believe them to be the undoing of the modern world; wish they didn't exist (beyond just taking photos at "events" - which the second one was, so I suppose it's okay) but his domestic aspirations bring a tear to the eye and I feel compelled to share the adorableness ♥

Here are some from Michelle's Twitter to ease my conscience:

Un autre FER YER INFERMATION: The Rovers is the pub in Coronation Street, the longest-running soap in the UK - the show Michelle works on as Tina McIntyre. I used to watch Corrie but since it's on every day pretty much it was taking up too much of my time! And it's a bit silly! But it's funny and pretty sweet and does cover important issues sometimes alongside the ridiculous ones! I like it more than all the other soaps I've seen.

Anyway! Maybe I should continue with my video recommendations? Hopefully SOMEONE's enjoying this?! I am anyway and it's honestly nice for ME to have them compiled so it's worth me ridiculously doing this just for that reason! If I get anyone liking The Wanted through this, or if I already have some fans reading then thats a superplus!


Next is..

Wanted Wednesday's First Birthday!

I wish they'd said WantedTHIRDsday. It still gets to me.


All right last but not least since this already feels like a lot and I want to get onto a little picspamming action:

Fifteen Reasons To Love The Wanted

I can't tell if this is boring to end with since I love them so much I'll gladly watch them reading a list badly.. but if you're not feeling as intense a love for the boys as I then let's go with the preface that if you enjoy semi-literate list-reading and/or want to see what a fan thinks are 15 reasons to love TW then you will likely love this as I do.

OHHHH before the picspamming commences, this is The Wanted's introduction on Matt Edmondson's 'The F Factor', a parody of the intros on The X Factor:


It amuses me.
It's a joke on the fact that they're a new band so don't have all the qualifications of most acts performing on The X Factor, as on the show they have a massive, over-the-top build-up - something like this. Though the one I've linked to is Britney's intro and I'd say she's one of the few actually worthy of that kind of primer...
That's the e.g. I found.

On the subj. of Matt Edmondson (whom I love dearly), here is Jay on his show, doing Piggy Back Chat.

Revel in Jay's beautiful laugh.

Wait, I haven't linked to anything.

Sadly it was the first and I think only live piggy back chat so it wasn't filmed (I assume that's the reason) but you can listen here or download the hilarious and brilliant podcast here. Though the old ones aren't available for download so I uploaded Jay's one to Megaupload JUST FOR YOU. Aren't I kind? Clicky here.

Matt's very much like Simon Amstell on the cruel but funny scale so it's a bit iffy but it's all meant in fun and it is really great and he doesn't rely wholly on making fun.
I very much recommend.

skylinedreams:<br /><br />“Usher is a very generous man. First, he dished out some kisses.” - Matt Edmondson, The F Factor, Week 1

Now......... PICSPAMMIN' TIME!!1!








The end? Really? Are you glad? Glad You Came though aren't you?

ABRUPT BYE-BYE COMMENCE!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!



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