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Why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up?

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Something is rotten in this state of mind
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Please excuse my laziness but I just posted the following on Tumblr (clicketh) and instead of adapting I'm going to straight-up copy and paste.

Here it is.


My dash is all hobbitses and in the past couple of years I've got really weird about spoilers and my broken mind and body can't handle it.

Even my sister saying the other day: "I knew it was going to be good, but not THAT good!" (re Sherlock Holmes Dos which I couldn't see as was ill.. illness being the reason why I've been such a mess SO MANY YEARS.. but mostly the last couple) made me feel really bad for a good few minutes before I could try to forget it and move on.

I like to form my own opinions by watching the thing in full as it was intended, not have any preconceptions or previews. I feel like it's ruined if I see a clip or image or anything before I see something! I get all tense and upset.

Bit weird sharing my feelingses on Tumblr (beyond those re the films themselves) but I just feel bad I'm not reblogging any Hobbit stuff and wanted to say why. Just for my own peace of mind. Because Lord of The Rings is genuinely the most perfect and beautiful and my favouritest, inspiring-in-my-darkest-moments films ever ♥

So if you're not an IDIOT like me the trailer came out 2 hours ago (I found it... FOR YOU so this wasn't such a downer post) and a few years ago I would be weeping with excitement and happiness so I truly hope you are as excited as I would be!

If anything feeling this utterly crapulistic that I can't be excited just reminds me to KEEP GOING as next year is such an AMAZING year for films and I have so much to look forward to.. I just have to focus on getting better, even if I don't know how yet.

I'll post this on LJ too actually. I'm cordeliasmarz if yo is down wit readin dawg.

Since I started here though on what was supposed to be a one-sentence number but inevitably I suppose had to turn into a full-on ramble... think I'll still post here too.

Even though I've only ever posted a couple of personal things.

But still.

I hope if anyone's interested they'll go over to LJ as I prefer to ramble, though I get too stressed to post most of the time.

Tumblr is important to me too though, it's just not designed for rambling.

Which is why I don't usually.

I mostly follow people for gifs, graphics, quotes etc. as I see Tumblr as more of a scrap book of inspiration than.. I don't know! If people post text I generally read it, I just can't reply which drives me crazy! And I'm too lazy to "Ask".

I do love analyses and a lot of text posts are good for Tumblr, but only in relation to fannish things. Some graphics, tags etc. have actually helped me understand and appreciate Harry Potter more! Tumblr helped me understand art so much more BECAUSE it's more focussed on the art itself, rather than words, which is what LJ is. I write and the art is around it mostly.





I'm tired.

Sorry Martin.

For so many reasons.

Well two.


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