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War Horse (no spoilers, just endorsement)
A deeply cynical mindset paired with a lifelong animapathy/misanimalthropy (I coin words, don't love creatures) caused me to.. not quite.. appreciate the first 20-ish minutes of the beautiful War Horse. However, as the story unfolded I.. well I can't say that I'm now a full-on convert to the methods and practices of animalism, but I definitely can't look at horses in the same way again, and love that particular one like mine own child.

Of course though, the film wasn't solely re or reliant on horse-loving (as, after that 20-ish minute mark I was frankly relieved to be reassured), and I absolutely adored it all; what it meant, showed.. all that. Brilliant. So much so in fact that this is quite clearly where my thus far flaw-free reviewing breaks down somewhat. Too good to word-ify.

I can't remember what precisely his words are here but just look at that face... hair..... general... stage.. presence.. etc.

So really I just basically recommend you watch it. You and every other being in the cosmos. Possibly not my favourite EVER war film but a darn good'un, that's fer sure. And a lot more than just a war film. Or a horse film. Or a film in which attractive and wonderfully talented actors appear. It has many merits. Discover each and every one for yourself by watching War Horse! Out now! Be on your way! Ya ya! *whip crack*

Ahhhhhhh the HQ-ness of it all!
On the subj of which, I cannot compute how there is apparently not in existence an HHHHHHHQ version of this photo somewhere:

FOOOOLLL-y fool fool FOOOOOOL-y Guardian!

Byeth the wayeth, so so so much love to David Kross for being a part of War Horse in addition to The Reader (my very brief and not extraordinarily great review is here if you click) as The Reader was one of the first films I watched that I loved for (among other things) making a "villain" sympathetic and human - no cliched and should-be obsolete "good vs. evil" motif (reminds me of Thor's Loki now I think of it! - and obviously War Horse - the neutral horse making you realise we're all human, no sides to take) so both the film and Mr. Kross hold (hold?) a very special place in my heart ♥




As usual I have no proper ending to this post and it has taken me way too long with way too many distractions and it's now nearly 5am and...
I should go.

But so should you!
To watch War Horse!


The end.


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