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Motivational Tattoo Planz

Long overdue updates aside (want to Tumbl? not that I real life talk there but), I just posted this on Facebook (want to Facebook?) and wanted to share here too. Because.

Soo after 2+ years I've finally decided what tattoo to get!
(I trust it will look a tad better and more legible than this biro scrawl I was just testing out.. but I guess that depends on the tattoo artist or whatever. I don't want me one of those warped Cullen faces marring my limb for eternity)

"and it's from the old
I travel to the new
keep me travelling
along with you"

Yes it's a hymn. Yes I'm pretty much an Atheist. Yes it's about God. But I always kind of believed in God in like a William Blake-ish way, that He's in all of us (Blake was into that, right? I dropped out of school that year, man). And I want to find that strength in myself every day to keep going, "travelling", using my past experiences and pain, "the old", as I "travel to the new". I could go on. But basically a few weeks ago I had to go to hospital in the ongoing saga of trying to find out what's wrong with me and I'd had one of the worst days of my life the day before, but that day I woke up strangely peaceful with that hymn in my head, those lines, "one more step along the world I go, one more step along the world I go, from the old things to the new, keep me travelling along with you", and it was like an epiphany or something. I just felt like I was getting somewhere and I had to get them words on my wrist. I was scared to tell anyone in case it sounded stupid but I need to have faith in myself even though doctors and stuff might not, and I've got to keep going. Because it's been way too long and I'm goshdarned tired of it!

You know it, bro.


I was on YouTube watching Marina and the diamonds videos (PERFECTION) and I went to the main page and what was in my subscriptions box? Only a video with "My Tattoo" in the title!

And when I watched it it turns out that Blair wants one that says "strength" for EXACTLY the same reasons as me, in exactly the same place, and she wanted to get hers on her 18th birthday but put it off too!

I wrote this comment:

I literally just decided to get a tattoo after wanting one for 2 years since my 18th birthday!
I just want to get on with my life and want the tattoo exactly the same reason as you.
Your talking about Sheridan also really helped me in that I felt and still do feel the same way about my friend who passed away last year.
One of your best videos. Thank you so much, you're truly an inspiration. I'm having such a hard time and this has made me sure I want to get the tattoo and be strong like you xx

Character limits are always a burden for me since brevity has never been my strong suit, but hope I managed to get the point across despite my lack of personality or interesting language! No fun!

But yeah, all what I said in the comment times a gazillion! But I couldn't write the whole thing in caps without some sort of self-effacing apology and I hadn't the space! So... yes. I'm even more sure about this tattoo! I'm so excited!

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Character limits are always a burden for me since brevity has never been my strong suit

I cannot imagine you on Twitter. And I mean that as a proper compliment :o) xx

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