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horrible histories - problem
I was just about to post this as a comment under a photoset on Tumblr but it turned out pretty long and discussions are nigh-on impossible to have on Tumblr so here it is here! Reworked for LJ!
It's another of my paparazzi rants but hopefully I say some new things.

Ahem hem.

Often, paparazzi photos make my heart sing with joy because for a moment I can just feel euphorically happy that I get to see people I admire being happy and successful and adorable in "real life" as much as they are when they're "on show".
I mean, the gif below is one of the most adorable recordings in this world ever. Fact.

But then, especially with a series of photos like the one below, the magic stops.



Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield | Out & About in NYC (2012)

I am brought back to the reality that it is RIDICULOUS that the whole idea of paparazzi is considered to be okay by society. I've written this a lot of times but this photoset is such a perfect example of why THIS IS NOT OKAY.

I'm not a huge fan of "public displays of affection" but everyone has their right to go about their day without constantly having to look over their shoulder, in fear of being photographed, judged, spied on.

These people being essentially stalked are "celebrities" - CELEBRATED people - so why are they being punished?



I get it. I get the fascination (check out the works of Marina and the Diamonds, pictured above in her videos for Primadonna and Hollywood - so much of her work/very being is about these themes etc. and she is so honest and wonderful and such an inspiration ♥) and, as I said, I love seeing people when they don't have to be acting for the camera, natural, see what they're wearing/doing (and I get the thing where people want to judge celebrities and put them down to make themselves feel better - it's a sad world) but it's THEIR (the celebrities I mean) CHOICE as to how much they share. We all deserve that right. We're all just trying to figure ourselves out, we don't need the world breathing down our necks and scrutinising our every move.

I have a theory (not to be like "Me, The Maverick" but this is something I keep thinking and it's probably not just me but this is how it feels a lot of the time since this shit CONTINUES) that pretty much all of the world's problems are caused by the simple fact that we can so easily forget that PEOPLE ARE JUST PEOPLE (I should probably do a whole post on this but basically what I mean is that there's a lack of understanding, barriers in communication etc. etc. and if we all just understood the fallibility of each other and how we're all human then things would be a lot easier. "Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle" - Plato).

I just want to add - I agree that the media gives us what we want but they ARE perpetuating it and if they stopped and everyone were just better educated about these things then.. just make it the case, would you, society? Are you listening?

And I have to say that just regular people who aren't famous make me nervous so I can see how meeting someone you admire could make you freak out. I know people are just people but we all want to make a good impression and sometimes the crazy just comes out by accident. It's human. It's fine. We just have to kind of accept that to be honest. If we were all accepting of each other then maybe we wouldn't be so hyped up and worried about what people think all the time.



(I have a lot of 1D on my dash and I have no idea what the context of this is but it's beautiful so)

The above is just my go-to for all paparazzi-ish conversations. A classic.

I've argued this many times and I'm of course not the only one who feels this way and I'm not trying to be all high and mighty or like I know more than anyone. I just have always felt really uncomfortable about paparazzi and it makes me sad that we can't all just love and accept each other and try to understand each other by treating people like people - the same as you and me - and being reasonable and talking to each other honestly, or in the case of celebrities, see their "art" or whatever they're doing, watch their interviews, and hopefully we'll get a better understanding of those we admire and the human race in general!

Sorry I'm sounding cheesy and ridiculous but it's hard not to when I'm talking about this stuff! I feel like it's so obvious to me and so it must be to everyone but it wasn't so long ago that I wasn't really aware of these things. "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemmingway. In the nicest possible way of saying it, it's simply ignorance that makes us do bad things. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" and all that. Most of the time we don't even realise we're doing bad because we haven't been educated to know different. And this isn't such simplistic things as "good vs. evil". Evil doesn't exist in my eyes. It's just good intentions, mistakes, misunderstandings that lead to so-called "evil". We can all be forgiven.

Just learn lessons and don't feel ashamed of who you were before you were ~enlightened - not that I'm saying AT ALL that I'M the one enlightening you! But I've learned things before and I felt embarrassed because one can so easily teach these "principles" to someone else and feel all superior, when in fact you've only learned this stuff moments before!

Life, eh?

I'm ending this here now so please do comment and have fun and "Take everything seriously except yourselves" - Rudyard Kipling
Most of these quotes are from memory so I hope they're accurate. Proud if they are - my memory is terriblay.

Oh! I'm doing really well life-wise by the way. I need to write an update. I'm getting help from doctors and stuff and I've got up and gone to bed "normally" for a week! Which is a huge thing for me as I spent 2 years being too depressed to sleep or get up!

So I'll hopefully write again soon, if only for my benefit as I'm already forgetting things!

But my memory will get better! The state of my health and memory are closely intertwined so as I get better health-wise so will my memory! Hurrah! So I'll be all:



And stuff.

Nighty night xx

(nice sunny day there to accurately represent night.. but accurately represents why you DON'T NEED PAPARAZZI WHEN CELEBRATED PERFECT HUMANS ARE THIS OPEN AND LOVELY)


and animals and plants and stuff
I just watched a Harry's Law in which an ape used an iPad and had an IQ of 90 and stuff and it was really sweet so I ain't gonna discriminate. Damn speciesists.


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