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Winter's Bone?
I just wrote a really long post but it got too much and I'm too tired to finish it (this happens a LOT - which is why I haven't posted in so long!) so I'm just going to say this:

(ETA: this is clearly still a long post and it's kind of a joke that I would even start with brevity in mind and mean it but let's continue regardless)

Have you seen Winter's Bone?

I just watched it then read loads of reviews and interviews with Jennifer Lawrence/a couple with the director but I still don't really understand what the POINT was in it all, what they were trying to say with it.

It's really bothering me, as for the first half of the film I didn't really get what was going on (my view was clouded by several different things that might not be to do with the film being unclear, it might just be ME, so I'd really appreciate hearing what other people think and discussing it) and although I got to understand it towards the end and I really liked the end, I realised I didn't really understand WHY the film was made, and what I was SUPPOSED to be getting from it. There was still a lot I didn't understand, and the things I thought I DID understand weren't really talked about in reviews or interviews so I was even more confused!

I'm not explaining myself very well but I'm just really tired and would really appreciate some comments making sense of this a bit more! I've really missed discussing things on LJ and reading people's posts. Tumblr is great, but it's not got the same discussion-friendly..-ness of LJ. It's obviously easier and less pressure to just post stuff though, so I don't know if anyone even still comes on here anymore! I really hope so and that there's lots of reading material waiting for me when I come back after a few hours' sleep - on people's journals as well as in the comments? Hopefully?

Side note: I've really wanted to do a massive essay post on The Hunger Games ever since I finished reading a couple of weeks ago as I watched the film then read the trilogy AND IT IS THE MOST PERFECT THING. It makes me weep with its perfection. So many aspects, themes, etc. are things I've wanted to write about and all the characters are so real and serve an important purpose to the (exciting and brilliant) story. It's amazing. I've seen criticism from pretty much all the YouTube vloggers I watch and admire so I was a bit confused, but then there's intelligent defences like this that calm my mind, but I still want to do a big post and see if others agree with me on everything! Because my opinions are the importantest.
I truly think The Hunger Games - all three books - are great works of literature, even if they are for "young adults". People shouldn't be snobby about stuff like that. Steven Moffat said "Anything can be addressed to a child audience – you just have to write it better. ... You can discuss anything. We've had a suicide in [Doctor Who]. You just have to do it clearly and honestly and with enough integrity that children will watch it and understand it, and parents will be happy that they do so. ... Writing for adults often means just increasing the swearing – but find an alternative to swearing and you've probably got a better line." The Hunger Games doesn't talk down to "kids" and I love that. I think it's important for young people to read stuff like this and discuss these themes just as much - if not more than - older people.
Because I want to get messages across in my own (hypothetical) fiction, I do tend to get really excited when people are successful at getting clear messages and themes across in their work, as so often it's too subtle. But because I have this mindset of seeking out messages and finding meaning, I'm not sure if The Hunger Games is TOO obvious or preachy? I don't know. So I do need to write a big post on it all.

I really do need to sleep now so genuinely SORRY, as always, for rambling and being incoherent and stuff, but I hope you share my interests/confusion and/or can shed some light on.. anything!

P.S. Jennifer Lawrence, eh? I quickly just made a shoddy icon so she could be representative of my spirit or something. I'm sorry Carey but you're married and stuff now. That ship has SAILED. (just kidding, but Jen has actually overtaken Carey in a lot of ways re my heart so. idk. not that this is come big honour, having my favour or something, just a comment.)

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You know, I did not finish Winter's Bone even though I began watching it. I just... lost interest about an hour in. I should probably finish it... I'm very impressed with Jennifer Lawrence in it... but it was just so bloody slow moving. Yeah, the dad vanished and she has to prove he's dead to avoid losing the house because if that happens she, her siblings, and her mother who is incapable of doing anything will have nowhere to go and they already are just barely getting by... but beyond that I could see no point or plot to the film and pretty much lost interest in even knowing if her father was alive or dead.

Maybe I'll watch the rest of it today because now you have me thinking about it...

Thinky think... ;)

Haven't got time to read this as I'm off to work... but for now... "YAY I MISS YOUR POSTS!!"

Saw your post on the tumblr winters bone tag. I just watched it so my thoughts are a bit jumbled but thought I'd share, it turned into a bit of a essay length, sorry.

I heard a bit of buzz about the movie when it came out but last week I read the book and loved it. It was the first book in a long while they I just read in one sitting, its not too long 190 pages. Plenty of the best lines are lifted straight from the novel.

I find as a non-American (I'm Australian)and someone who knows very little about the Ozarks, Missouri and the nuances the language of the book while unfamiliar was also really interesting. But also difficult to follow but I got the hand of it in the book and it helped a lot with the movie.

I saw the movie yesterday the language is a little foreign to my ears but it sounded genuine. It was a little soft sometimes but I thought the actors did very well with making it sound like they had been speaking all their lives.

The author Daniel Woodrell in an interview said he lives in the Ozarks he knows the area well, he knows meth cooks had neighbours who cooked ect. He was writing with originally an older female character in her mid 30s but then when he was a the grocery store saw a young girl Ree's age who was rangling her younger siblings and obviously caring for them.

The director of the film bought the rights even before the book was formally published and then spent 3 years nearly going to the region and writing and also making connections with locals who could help her.

What I loved the most was Ree. As a strong, heroine its been too long since I read a female character like her. My favourite really is about how she is a Dolly "bred and buttered". She chooses to stay away from the drugs though its something very close to her family, it wasnt her choice to be born into this family but they are her blood.

As for the the point of the book and movie well I suppose the themes I see and I found a list on imdb are about family, patriachy,close and distant family ties, the power and speed of gossip, patriarchy, self-sufficiency, and rural poverty

I know some people see the movie as slow in pacing. I though it was driven but yes a little slow she walks everywhere because she has no car. Plus everyone just says no they dont want to help including her uncle Teardrop who comes around towards the end of the movie.

The plot is really only Ree looking for her dad but she is fueled by the secrecy of her family in what is a tough place with lots of tough people. People who are meant to be family- related but still wont help her. There have been long running fueds.

In the book its made clear for example Sonny is only her half brother, his father is actually Blonde Milton. It is mentioned in one scene, Ree and Gail on the porch, but most viewers wouldnt catch it unless they knew the novel.

I know a lot of people who would enjoy the movie and also plenty who wouldnt.

For me the cold bleakness of the landscape and the people is strong and so genuine, it is miserable to watch at times but I loved John Hawkes and Jennifer Lawrence, really all the actors and non actors.

It did find it hard to watch at times not so much the skinning or the disturbing scene at the end but the poverty, and the "codes" about not talking to the law how her father paid for snitching to the sheriff, and the part Ree tell her brother about not asking "for what ought to be offered".

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